SHARTEC’s services

SHARTEC provides unique and professional services to respect of following two categories :

Consumers, producers, and organizations in local market that have interest to enter into global market or expand their business by the professionals

Services such as identify and evaluation of international business partners, manage supply chains and operations, negotiate for suitable payment conditions, manage inspection, transportation and customs affairs are offered for Companies who need to import and Identifying target market, marketing, entrance strategy, sales contract, payments and after sales services are some of services offered by SHARTEC for companies who would like to export.


Manufactures, exports and trading companies all around the world that have the passion for Iranian market

Services such as analyzing the markets and discover opportunities, formulation, adjustment, and implementation of entry strategy, marketing, detecting, and goal-setting for main resources, manage inspection, transportation and customs affairs and for companies who would like to import raw materials from Iran, we provide sourcing, negotiation and handling procurement process.

The criteria that justifies the potential of Shar Tavan Kala Company (SHARTEC) in domestic and international markets are permanent and in-time presence in global and local markets, clear picture of rules and regulation in various markets, reputed for fulfillment of domestic and international obligations, possessing all necessary tools to assigned duties and missions, continuous contact with international lawyers to fully observe trade and customs regulations, emphasizing customer-orientation principle and observing the rights of the parties involved, administrative and financial discipline.