SHARTEC’s Products

With clear view of Iranian market and solid relationship with international partners, SHARTEC is able to supply following products under two category of its activity


● Metal Division

Ferrous metals casting products

Through partnership with DIHAG HOLDING, we are able to supply all kind of casting products based on pig iron and steel alloys up to 200 metric ton for one piece

Nonferrous casting products

We can supply various part of copper and its alloy mainly use in electrical industry with BIAX GROUP

Ferrous and nonferrous minerals and raw material

SHARTEC has established network of commodity trading companies, suppliers and end users around the globe within twenty years of experience in professional trading world of commodity which now we trade on iron ore, pellets and concentrate, steel products such as billet, bloom, slab, wire rod and hot roll coil as well as copper cathode, ingot and concentrate, zinc concentrate and ingot, lead concentrate and ingot, alumina and aluminum ingot.



Electrical safety equipment

CATU Electric is the most prestigious brand in electrical safety industry worldwide.


We offer following section of product:

1. Personal and group protection equipment
2. All type of voltage detectors covered by IEC for different applications
3. Hot line insulating tools
4. Hot line safety equipment
5. Earthing and short circuit system


Polymer Insulator, Fuse cut out and Lightning Arrester

REGA’s products are used in transmission, distribution electrical networks and substations.


Through close partnership with REGA ELECRIC, we are able to offer following products with great condition and quality :

1. Various types of polymer Insulator and Lightning Arrester up to 400kv
2. Polymer type of fuse cut out 36kv
3. All kind of raw materials required in production of lightning arrester and insulators such as silicon rubber, fiber glass insulating rods, zinc oxide blocks as well as laboratory equipment and machineries for testing final; products