About Us

SHAR TAVAN KALA (SHARTEC) was established with aim of supporting Iranian manufacturers and marketing their products to International markets. Vice versa, SHARTEC also provides unique commercial services to international companies to have proper and safe businesses in the Iranian market.

The company is backed with founders twenty years of excellent presence in International commerce and trading and sixty years history with great reputation in Iranian Electricity Industry and Market.

This company combines modern commerce and trading sciences with traditional Iranian trading culture and through its close relationship with Investors, Industries and Mines owners, Trading and shipping companies in Iran and the globe; is able to provide commerce services such as Exporting, Importing, Marketing, Transportation, Warehousing, distribution and after sales in two main industry of METAL and ELECTRICITY.

Some of the criteria that differentiate SHARTEC with others are permanent presence in global markets with offices in China, UAE and Canada, Understanding business culture of different markets, fulfillment of domestic and international obligations, possessing all necessary equipment and tools to implementation of assigned duties, continues consultation with international and local lawyers in order to fully observe local and international rules, emphasizing customer-orientation principle and observing the rights of the parties involved, administrative and financial discipline, and fast completion of works while maintain high quality service.